All the instructions on how to participate on Snapshot Day 2013 are included on the “Toolkit for Libraries” page.

Snapshot Day – 6 Steps to Success

Step 1 – Let your staff know you are participating in Snapshot Day.

Step 2 – Visit our “Toolkit for Libraries.” Print out the survey PDF form and review it with your staff and keep copies at all of your service desks.

Step 3 – We’ll help keep you on track by sending out a few e-mails.

Step 4 – Participate on April 16, 2013 (or whichever date you’ve selected between April 14 – April 20).

Step 5 – Submit your statistics by Tuesday, April 23, add comments from customers and photos by Thursday, April 25, 2013.

Step 6 – Visit the “Results” page after April 30 to find out how other libraries participated, read the statistics, see comments and view the Flickr photos.

Organizing A Snapshot Day: Interested in starting a Snapshot Day in your state? Click here to find out how Connecticut organized their first Snapshot Day.







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Connecticut State Library

Connecticut Library Consortium

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