Many Easy Ways to Use Your Snapshot Results 

THE RESULTS ARE IN: A PowerPoint with examples of what to do with your results.

  1. Use the quotes and comments that you collected in your annual report.

  2. Feature your participation and your customers in your next newsletter.

  3. Share your results with your board

  4. Put a Snapshot button on your website and link to the Flickr photo group.

  5. Make a slideshow of the Flickr photos and run it in the library near the check out desk.

  6. Make bold signs with your customer comments and display them throughout the library.

  7. Share the People Need Libraries, Libraries Need You (Results) handout with your trustees, commission, city council, freeholders, etc.

  8. Take the People Need Libraries, Libraries Need You (Results) handout when you visit schools, senior centers, community agencies, and any kind of outreach.

  9. Customize the model handout (add your own stats, logo, etc.)

  10. Welcome new library card holders with your custom handout.

  11. Send an email blast to your customer list or community contacts featuring customer quotes.

  12. Let your Friends group know about your participation in Snapshot.

  13. Develop your own slide show or web page featuring the comments and photos.

  14. Ask if your town website can feature the slideshow.

  15. Ask your local cable station if they can use the slideshow.

  16. Ask your local newspaper to run a photo and caption. Provide the customer’s name and phone number if you have permission, so they can contact them for an interview.

  17. Design an 11 x 17 poster in color and print several copies “in house”.

  18. Print even more copies and share them with your customers.

Results of the Last April 2013 Snapshot Day 

58 Libraries Participating (49 public, 8 academic/special, 1 school)

37,387 Library Visits

41,728 Library Items Circulated

296 Library Cards Issued

4,232 Reference Questions

5,349 People Used Internet Workstations

24,384 Website Visitors

166 Library Programs

3,762 People Attended Those Programs



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