Patron Comments From April 2013





  1. Avon Free Public Library:

    “The library is a godsend in our lives for so many book and PC resources, social contact, meeting people, providing both info and recreation. Avon Library is #1! It enriches our lives.”

    “We love the Avon Library! It is the perfect place to meet up with friends and get some great books.”

    “I am introducing my grandchildren to the joy of reading and the magic of stories!”

    “It provides free book loans and free wifi and also computers.”

  2. Prosser Public Library (Bloomfield)
    “The Prosser Library is the HEART of the community. Every day the faculty enables us to meet other citizens of Bloomfield and we all expand each other’s awareness and knowledge.”
    “One of the most influential individuals in my life was a local librarian who guided my early reading through the library. She changed my life.”
    “Children need to be able to feel, touch, and handle books. They learn a lot more by actually visiting the local library.”
    “It’s the best place in town and so is the staff!”
    “This is a place of joy and the best place for curious human beings to explore. I love libraries. Thank you!”

  3. Snapshot Day @ Stafford Library in Stafford Springs, CT
    “The Library is important to us because we can get books & movies with no cost in these times and we enjoy the programs.” Ginny A.
    ” The library is a window to the world” Jim S.
    “The library is important to me because it provides services to help me look for a job” Susan T.
    “The library is important to me because it gives me a safe place to bring my son: it has a number of resources extremely useful, good place to study and enjoy new books, lots to offer, wonderful amazing people to help. We love our Library” Paul C.

  4. East Lyme Public Library had a blast on Snapshot Day!

    “The East Lyme Library is an asset to citizens of all ages.” Bob B.

    “Our library is invaluable to our community-it has a wonderful and helpful staff that always give 110%” Karen K.

    “I never buy books at bookstores but come to the library several times a week for books and DVDs. It’s a great resource. Also, during power outages it is vital for Internet and sanity!” Theresa P.

    “It is my bookshelf that I share with others.” Dennis C.

  5. Derby Public Library

    “Best resource in town!”

    “Helpful staff, great evening programs.”

    “Good place time to relax after school is over.”

    “Resources at the library helped me pass my GED.”

    “Great information and beautiful building.”

    “Everyone is so helpful and nice!”

  6. The Jean Burr Smith Library located at Middlesex Community College in Middletown conducted a library services survey at the same time as Snapshot Day. Here are some comments from the survey:

    • “Library staff members go out of their way to help us students, and that is great service!!”
    • “I continue to be amazed at how many tools the library provides to students and faculty”
    • “I appreciate how inviting a space it is, and the enthusiasm of the library staff.”
    • “The librarians are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help.”
    • “Prettiest area on campus. Very comfortable atmosphere. Nice staff. Lots of activities.”
    • “I find the library to be an extremely comfortable space for work or leisure.”
    • “Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping the library quiet and study inducing.”
    • “Thank you for all that you do.”

  7. The Elihu Burritt Library at Central Connecticut State University had a fantastic Snapshot Day! Here are five comments from 100 patron satisfaction surveys we received that day:

    “There are comfortable areas to both socialize or study with friends, and to get work done quietly.”

    “I love the free $10 print credit, lots of PCs, and the quiet floor!”

    “I love all of the space to work with classmates. I love the good food [at Jazzman’s Cafe], good service, and efficient services. Also love the wireless printing from personal laptops.”

    “I like that the Reference librarians are very helpful whenever I come to them for help.”

    “The Curriculum Lab is more current and also a colorful, welcoming department in the library.”

  8. The Terryville Public Library was pleased to hear our patrons say:
    “I love to read and I wouldn’t have the room or money to hold as many books as the library. My children come here too!” Cathleen M.
    “They are an important repository of knowledge, imagination and serenity” Denise D.
    “The library is an important place for me to get information, get my favorite books and an especially quiet place to relax (while I work of course).” Kayla L.
    “It is nearby within walking distance and has great hours and staff is always willing to help out with anything you might need.” Maryanne M.
    “The library is important to me because it provides a quiet environment for me and my tutor to work so I am able to graduate.” Chelsea B.
    The library is important… “for videos, read the newspapers, get information from the helpful staff which are very pleasant. Have income taxes prepared here.”

  9. Gateway Community College Library & Learning Resource Center, New Haven

    “It has a lot of resources that can help with my studies.”
    “We can find all the information we need in the library!”
    “It is helpful to me because it has the tools and resources I need to suceed in class.”
    “Staff is helpful and it is a great place to study”
    “The staff helps you find everything you need on almost every topic. Computers and laptops are always available”
    “It provides me a comfortable, quiet place to concentrate and study – the library is my favorite place in the college. Thank you so much!”
    “The library is important to me because it is a treasure box of books. You think of a topic, you will find a book in the library”
    “This is a place that was divenely inspired heavent sent! So to be honest where else in the world would a person in college rather be?!”
    “It helps me get work that I need finished – it helps me achieve greatness and better myself!”
    “Helps me to be more organized with school, work and my life in general. I can come here and get things done in quiet”
    “Having an area of comfort and place to study is why the library is important to me. When in need of getting work done, I visit the library to get on track of my assignments.”
    “Many reasons – studying, friendship, kindness, patience – it’s like my second home. I am always comfortable and happy in here. The staff are great and very helpful all the time.”

  10. Edith Wheeler Memorial Library, Monroe
    “The staff are friendly and helpful.”
    “Always has the books I request.”
    “There are also toys to entertain the kids.”
    “Also love the ebooks so when I finish my last book @ midnight, I can download another!”
    “Everything you need is here!”

  11. James Blackstone Memorial Library – Why is the library important to you?

    “It provides an excellent environment and programs to help my toddler improve his social capabilities.” – Xiaoling Y.

    “A quiet place to read, write, draw, and reflect. Beautiful surroundings that inspire. A sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life.” – Jon A.

    “One of the few places that offer books/magazines in other languages. The whole family uses it!” – Micky F.

    “It is my main source of literature, nonfiction books. A place that has classes and community events that keep me interested and connected.” – Debra H.

    “I am in this area often so I stop in to check out a book. Also, my church book group reads 1 book a month – my library is small so I stop in here.” JoAnn H, non-resident library user

  12. Otis Library, Norwich
    “This library is essential to my children’s education. There are resources here that we cannot get anywhere else.” – Gloria J.
    “We come here every week to spend time on the computer and borrow DVD’s. We enjoy ourselves here.” – Cristina M.
    “It helps me gain access to job search sites, and I can get my school work done. I don’t have a computer at home.” Wesley H.
    “Reading is important to my daughter and I. We regularly go to several local libraries. Libraries are the door to the world!” L. M.
    “I love to read, and it’s a quiet place to be.” Joanna Y.

  13. Levi E. Coe Library, Middlefield
    “Important resource to get books, videos, and information” Dawn P.
    “The library has always been a place of importance to me. As a college student, it was a quiet place to study and as a mom of twins, it was a safe-haven for book groups and a free, safe place to bring young children to play and read. As a teacher, it is a place for books to bring into my classroom. Also free DVDs and books. Our family loves the public library” Julie C.
    “Levi Coe is important to my family. We have been coming since they were little for storytime and crafts. They just love coming here to get new books every week. The staff here is so great, especially Mrs. Vicki”

  14. Middlebury Public Library
    “Great place to get books, movies and use the computer.” Denise
    “Great books and movies and quiet place to study”. Aryanna
    “I use the library several times a week – TV gets boring but books are always interesting.” Rosanne
    “MPL” has always provided me with pleasant experiences, unmatched compared t other towns.” Lenore
    “Because I get to read books!” Livia
    “Checked out Kindle which I love! Research my summer vacation! I love the library!” Karen
    “I love using the inter-library loaning system to access books and movies for work, research and pleasure! It has truly helped broaden mine and my children’s world views and civic commitment.” Laura

  15. Here are a few comments from Enfield Public Library patrons:
    “The research department helped me with my college paper and my grade improved!” Marylou Sidor
    “The library offers a quiet place to study and reading the Journal Inquirer saves me subscription.” Rich
    “We like all the great soccer books.” Alex
    “I can’t be without a book.”
    “I like the events” John P.
    “My boys love the library. The staff is always friendly & helpful. Story time is the best. We come every week!! Thanks Ms.Lisa & Ms. Ellen.” 🙂

  16. Scranton Library, Madison:
    “Every summer i spend a couple of days a week at the library. It is my second home. I love it here: the people, the quiet, the space, everything.” – Paige
    “Beacuse it gives me a chance to get books for free and is convienent in town” – Kate
    “For all of the above reasons: Check out items, Attend a Program, Quiet place to study, Use a computer, etc..” L.W.
    “Reading, community, kids, research, inter-library loan, museum passes, saves our household lots of $” Katherine W.
    “A refuge in the town.”
    “It is a core value in our society to have a free library for enrichment and pleasure.”

  17. Groton Public Library

    “Besides books, the library made it more affordable for me to attend a local attraction in my town (Mystic Seaport) for a reduced rate.” Susan T.

    “The library is a second home for me. I love to come here and volunteer, hang out with friends, and check out books.” Ben B.

    “An excellent source of information. Programs of interest on many subjects.” Gary J.

    “I can use the computer, print, get books on audio and print for my whole family and use the ILL program.” Suzanne P.

  18. Hamden Public Library

    “My son and I use the museum passes. This allows us to explore CT especially on the cold days.”
    “Life would not be acceptable or livable without the library. For me, it is as important as breathing.”
    “It is my window to the world–real and imaginary.”
    “The library makes my heart happy. It instantly changes my mood.”
    “The library is important to me for the resources you cannot find on the computer. Plus I love paper books, not the computer.”

  19. Windsor Locks Public Library visitors responded:

    “I love our library. It’s a great place to be!”

    “I joined a book club a few months ago and have been loving to come to them. My daughter has also been coming to the library for years and loves coming. It helps that the staff are very friendly to me and my daughter.”

    “Until recently I wasn’t aware of how easy & convenient it is to hold materials online from other libraries. Great work!”

    “I love the selection of books and movies and the great service.”

    “This is a nice quiet place to stop by on the way home and get a little writing done.”

  20. Cragin Memorial Library, Colchester
    “I love the library! Cragin has always been able to get what I needed for the classroom and for my personal reading.”
    Alma A.
    “It allows me to take out books which gives me an escape from the world.”
    Carole C.
    “I cannot imagine not having a library. Reading is most important to me as is the need for gathering information, copying, faxing, movie rental, various programs.”
    Carolyn S.
    “It’s the best thing about living in Colchester. I use it all the time for books, videos! The staff are wonderful.”

  21. The J. Eugene Smith Library at Eastern Connecticut State University had a fabulous Snapshot Day.
    “The library allows me a quiet place to think and relax.” Christos S.
    “I came to this school for the library. It was very big and helps a lot of students with its resources” Joscelyn F.
    “The library is important because it allows students to be in an atmosphere of learning and knowledge” Jonah C.
    “It’s crucial for my teaching and my research, the Interlibrary Loan office does a tremendous and great job.” Michele B.
    “Where would I be without the help of the research librarians? I would be stuck! It is a full time job to manage information in our day and age – I can’t to it without the library’s help!” Cory Q.

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