Toolkit for Libraries

To coordinate your own Snapshot Day at your library simply solicit comments from your patrons and take some pictures. It is also beneficial to collect the stats for the day (use of your resources and services, head counts, programs, etc.) and post them.

Comments Form Examples 

Patron Comments Form : Use this form for comments from your patrons.

Patron Comments Form (3) : Same as above but with 3 to a page to save paper.

 Photo Release Form Example 

Snapshot Photo Release Form: Please be sure you have obtained permission to use any photos you take. Before you take a picture let everyone know.


Examples for Promoting Snapshot Day at Your Library

(Use or modify any of the promotional materials below)

Snapshot Flyer (PDF) –  A Flyer in PDF to promote Snapshot Day

Snapshot Flyer (Word) – A Flyer in Microsoft Word that can be customized.  Add your own photos, change the date, etc. Similar to flyer above.

Press Release 2013 (PDF) –  A press release to post or send to your local media. 

Press Release 2013 (Word) –  Same press release as above to customize with your own contact information. Feel free to use our logo in your promotional materials. Simply right click and copy/paste the above.

Placing a Snapshot “button” on your Library Homepage

Snapshot Button Instructions: Connecticut libraries are encouraged to promote the day by placing a button on your homepage. Please find the instructions attached in two different sizes and formats (JPG, GIF).



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